Our Genaio™ handmade and bespoke gloves are made by artisans in Hungary experienced since the early 50’s. Each glove will pass at least 20 hands before the product is finalized. All traditions and heritage will be experienced by wearing the unique Genaio™ gloves. In the production process of Genaio™ gloves, we use different leather materials for each type of glove to ensure the best wearing comfort. We take particular care of shades. Thanks to the special staining and finishing methods, the so-called aniline dyed leather* we use feels superfine with all kinds of special color depth. It is the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types. Generally the most expensive of all leather types as only the very best raw hides can qualify for this type, which mostly attract a higher cost.

The wonders of leather 

Every piece of leather is unrepeatable and that makes each glove unique. The materials have their own structure with all of its special characteristics and even irregularities. Our craftsmen competences are required to characterize the Genaio™ gloves. The main task of our cutters is to understand how to handle each piece of leather according their peculiar characteristics and how to reveal a miracle at the end from it. Aniline is the highest quality leather.

Lamb nappa leather | Extra soft and shining elegance

If you like quality gloves with soft touch and you prefer classic pieces, lamb nappa leather is the perfect choice. Lamb nappa leather is the perfect choice for elegance. It is extremely fine with shiny surface, which is guaranteed to fit well to each hand. As in the world of luxury, it is no coincidence that lamp nappa is the most widely used leather for classic gloves. Our lamb nappa leather is sourced from Italy, because research has proven that lamb leathers from Naples are of the best quality. The special softness is ensured by the drying on the salty air in Naples. Our clients believe that the Genaio Gloves are irresistible!

Deer leather | Strong elasticity

The gloves that will take your style to another level and you will be enthused by it! Deer leather, just like the Peccary, is a type of leather which is soft, elastic, warm and you just can't keep your eyes away from its characterful and grainy texture. Deer leather is a popular base material for luxury gloves. It will become even softer and more elastic on due to the wearing with the passing of time. Thanks to its extraordinary strong and hardwearing material you do not have to part with it prematurely, you can wear it even for decades.

Genaio™ handmade gloves, aniline leather, nappa leather
Genaio™ handmade gloves production details.


Peccary leather | Soft warmth

If you love fashionable, warm and at the same time convenient gloves, Peccary is just the right choice!
Peccary is extremely soft, elastic and warm leather, what is considered for one of the most exclusive leather for gloves and very popular in the world of luxury fashion. Since Peccary is an animal living in the wild in South America, the leather has special properties and might show surface defects. To cutter of these gloves needs therefore exceptional technical knowledge and special experience.

Tech-Touch lamb leather | Nano-Tech with elegance

Do you work with a touch-screen? Don't take off your gloves but experience our finishing.
Thanks to the Nano-Tech used in production our leather has this special feature. The whole surface of the glove can be used on you touch-screen. 

Chamois leather from New Zealand & Hungary | Immediately warming-up

If your hands are always frozen, Chamois is the solution. Chamois is one of the warmest natural leather. Chamois leather from New Zealand and Hungary has curly coat and massive wool content. It is excellently suited as lining material as well. This is the warmest hand warmer thanks to the coat inside the gloves. The outer velour surface provides an attractive appearance..


100% Cashmere wool:
If you like natural materials and wish to feel light touch, we recommend you gloves with 100% Cashmere wool lining and enclose your hand soft and warm.

Lining made from lamb leather is also a very warm lining, popular among those, who don't like if their hands have a cold feel. In this case, the lining of the gloves is robust and thick.

Without lining: 
Luckily, you can wear gloves not only in the winter. There are many glove models to be found not only for the spring but for all seasons. These gloves aim is not to protect against cold but as a fashion item. 

Gloves made from chamois leather don't have lining, but they have fur. The part of the leather with fur is retained in order to keep the hands warm.

Pure silk: 
Silk lining offers a fine touch and natural feeling. The typical light lining of the models in spring and autumn is the natural pure silk. Lining made from 100% pure silk gives your glove a defined elegance.