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our contribution to the planet

Social responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is a continuous journey. Genaio endeavors to operate efficiently and responsibly with partners, while minimizing its environmental impact. By harmonizing business practices with environmental respect, we foster sustainable growth and contribute to the sustainability of our industry.

natural resources

We acquire certified and responsibly sourced raw materials, prioritizing traceability and fair conditions. In alignment with our dedication to social responsibility, we trial with innovative circular business models and use 100% recyclable packaging.

the environment

We approach our commitment to the effects of climate change by embedding sustainable practices within our manufacturing operations, utilizing sustainable and recycled paper for packaging. In addition, we enhance our supply chain to minimize our ecological footprint.

our community

We prioritize building enduring connections characterized by exemplary service and fairness, all the while championing diversity, equality and the empowerment of women within our industry to ensure equal opportunities for all.