The philosophy of the Genaio™ brand story symbolises unique luxury items combined with aesthetics, quality and innovation with a strong system of values underlaid in our Code of Ethics. We create durable designs using materials that can last for years created by worldwide selected artisans with Italian heritage. With respect for all cultures and workers in our value chain Genaio™ intends to fair production and makes a solid contribution to social responsibility.

Our commitment to social responsibility is expressed in three specific areas, sustained by concrete initiatives: the supply chain, the environment, our community.

The supply chain

At Genaio™ we are committed to monitoring the full process involved in selecting materials and production. The attention to well-being and quality is the key factor of the 3 pillars in our strategy.

Beauty for all includes respect for everyone. Creating a good product requires creativity, craftmanship by artisans, experience of the Italian heritage and usage of the finest materials. We search the globe to select only high-quality raw materials that ensure customer satisfaction, while being consistent with sustainability values.

With a strong awareness that with each type of process we succeed to create fair luxury products.

The environment

We endeavour to shape luxury whilst remaining mindful of preserving the planet and its natural resources, and to reduce our impact on climate change and the loss of biodiversity by innovating to support future generations. Since the beginning our materials and partners are sourced and selected according precise sustainability criteria and sourcing principles.

This requires continious investments in the search for suitable partnerships and efforts to reduce the impact on our surrounding environment. In order to commit our principles we create exclusive pieces in minimal quantities to prevent rest stocks. In addition we are committed to fair luxury prices to enable our partners to improve sustainability, high-end quality and productivity to respect their craftmanship and heritage.

Our Community

With a strong customer focus we build a durable relationship with our clients. We provide our clients with the very best professional service to earn their trust and to ensure that they are satisfied. Our public relations and advertising are based on honesty and fairness, and we always keep the clients safety in mind.

Building a durable relationship depends not only on the products quality and design but also on the ability to build a relationship of trust and offer a special experience that is distinctive, compelling and consistent across all geographic regions.