The Tailoring Story

Genaio’s story starts in 2015, when Jay Genaio first tried the world of bespoke tailoring. He would send fabrics from Italy to craftsmen in India for their elegant high embroidery skills. After finishing the embroidery it was send back to Italy and Portugal to ensemble the final product. By the year 2022, after garning a nieche reputation in a small established international group of clients, and extensive know-how in the art of embroidery combined with tailoring, Jay Genaio decided to create valuable craftsmanship and started slow fashion collections. Genaio does not just create garments but redefined the concept of luxury in the world of shirts and shoes with exquisite embroidery. It is the first brand to introduce an invisible armpit patch in a shirt to the market.

Genaio™ cooperates with one of world’s finest bespoke shirt ateliers based in Portugal and Italy (Napels). These ateliers are well-known for their handpicked clients from the Mayfair of London “The Savile Row”, fashion designers from USA, Paris and Genaio™. The signature Genaio™ shirts are bespoke with invisible armpit patches and fully personalised to the customers wishes. One shirt is pointed exclusively to only 3 craftsmen to be sure that the final product has the perfect fit. It all starts with the classic cut by hand. This method is past on by generations and creates your one-of-a-kind shirt. Our stylish handmade shirts buttons are made with the unique Ascolite® button shank wrapping system. The styling options includes not only the model, styling and the different kind of mother of pearl buttons. We start with the best fabric suppliers from Italy like Thomas Mason Giza 87 and Albini 1876, DJ Anderson, Canclini and Alumo. Our partners offer the finest in Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, Silk or linen. This superior quality is to guarantee the most exquisite experience. Depending on posture, desires and trends, we offer a flattering fit of a bespoke shirt with as the finishing touch not only an armpit patch but also monogram initials of your choice. The Genaio™ HQ will contact you after approximately 6 weeks when your shirt is ready for delivery. We offer you to decide the delivery time and place.
Mac Mc. Adam in a fully Genaio™ custom outfit. Genaio™ custom chino and custom shirt with cuffs

Did you know?

Tailors started doing business in the area in the late 18th century; first in Cork Street, about 1790, then by 1803 in Savile Row itself. In 1846, Henry Poole, later credited as the creator of the dinner jacket or tuxedo, opened an entrance to Savile Row tailoring from his premises in Old Burlington Street. In 1969 Nutters of Savile Row modernized the style and approach of traditional Savile Row tailoring; That continued a modernization in the 1990s with the “New Bespoke Movement” Involving the designers Richard James, Ozwald Boateng and Timothy Everest. The term “bespoke” as applied to fine tailoring is Understood to have Originated in Savile Row, and came to mean a suit or shirt cut and made by hand.


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