The story

You don't establish a brand overnight. Creating a brand takes time, effort and energy. You won’t be able to sit back satisfied, or think about further expanding the brand until you manage to see your idea or dream come true. And this is exactly the story of Genaio™ Italy.

The story of this brand begins with a dream. A childhood dream to make High-end Luxury items truly accessible and affordable for everyone. During his youth, Jay discovered that high quality handmade clothing from Italy, England and France was not accessible to everyone, although it was claimed to be so. This strengthened his thought that he did not want the current generation to miss what he had to miss. He wanted to make high-end clothing and service affordable for everyone.

He dreamt of doing that differently in the future. But at that moment the stars were not yet in his favor. Other matters came across Jay Genaio's path that had more priority. But his dream did not fade away. In fact, it started to become a desire. Jay wanted to give everyone who likes to dress flawlessly that feeling. Both the young and the old!

Just like Jay has always pursued to do the best in everything, he wanted his brand to also be the best. A long period of grinding and polishing began. His journey took him to Italy, France, Hungary, Portugal, England and India. He took pieces of craftsmanship from every country to make them his own. And not just any type of craftsmanship Jay spent years as an apprentice of many who are considered to be the greatest in the world. Doors that normally remained closed, opened. The secrets of the blacksmith were shared and slowly but surely his dream became reality.

In 2015 it was time to raise the curtain. The world should know: GENAIO™ is born! The dream became reality. The goal was to bring something to the market for everyone. The target audience were men between 25-60 years. The man who wants to look his best every day. Jay Genaio had finally managed to share the class he envisioned with the rest of the world.

Are you curious about our brand? During your visit to our website, let yourself be immersed in the world of our craftsmanship and watch how simplicity turns into class. Because Genaio™ does things slightly differently than others.

We are a story not a brand.