The birth of Genaio Jeans™

Every craftsman with his own business has the hope that his business will be continued by the new generation. A craft – in whatever capacity – is often passed on from generation to generation. The same is true in the fashion industry. At the places Jay Genaio (JG) visited, he saw how the craft of making a shoe, trousers or any other piece of clothing had been passed on with love and how it is still being passed on.

This is also the story of JG’s next step. Isn’t it beautiful when your loved ones also share the love for your profession and wish to continue doing it? That's how Jay Junior came into play. About 6 years ago, at the age of 12, Jay Junior designed some pieces of clothing on his father's computer. He emailed these pieces during one of Jay's trips. These pieces made such an impression on JG that he realized that a different view of fashion could be an enrichment.

The real breakthrough came when father and son went on a business trip to Portugal. During his spare time, Junior designed the logo for the second branch of Genaio™. Jay Genaio immediately stated that Genaio Jeans™ would be an appropriate name for a suitable target audience. Initially, Junior was not a fan of this name, but he was convinced by his father. A Google search also learned that the shape of the logo resembled a Chinese symbol representing luck.

Genaio Jeans™ is a unisex brand for people between the ages of 16 and 35. It is a brand for both men and women who dress casual chic.

But for GJ™ things got off to a rocky start. Although Junior, who by then was already 16 years old, turned out to be a resounding talent, his studies should not be affected by his creativity. Once done with sampling for the big job, another obstacle came their way. An obstacle that caused the world to come to an abrupt change, without knowing how long it would last: Covid-19. The pandemic caused a lot of turmoil and unfortunately did not spare Genaio™ either. Many customers withdrew and production partners went bankrupt. However, it also allowed father and son to not only get to know the brand better, but also each other as business partners.

Full of courage, they both started to work. Jay Junior had many designs saved and Jay Senior took them under his wing. The sneaker was reworked by JG, while Junior focused on the ready to wear line. Now in 2021, Genaio Jeans™ is a fact. Junior can finally share his designs with the world at the age of 17.

Although the bond between the two of them is close, they are good at discussing things to determine which direction should be followed. Which resulted in both of them making bets to see which item actually sells successfully, either JG's or Junior's design.

The Genaio™ story is being completed. With Genaio Jeans™, the brand is initiating a new step. A step in which the young generation shows itself through their styles and preferences. It makes Genaio a brand for everyone!