The Tailoring Story

Genaio’s story starts in 2015, when Jay Genaio first tried the world of bespoke tailoring. He would send fabrics from Italy to craftsmen in India for their elegant high embroidery skills. After finishing the embroidery it was send back to Italy and Portugal to ensemble the final product. By the year 2022, after garning a nieche reputation in a small established international group of clients, and extensive know-how in the art of embroidery combined with tailoring, Jay Genaio decided to create valuable craftsmanship and started slow fashion collections. Genaio does not just create garments but redefined the concept of luxury in the world of shirts and shoes with exquisite embroidery. It is the first brand to introduce a fully emboidered shoe finished with 24k gold to the market.

The perfect suit

At Genaio™ we offer you Bespoke or Su Misura.
Su Misura (made-to-measure also called size Forcé) is a service designed and developed for the client with a taste of elegance. Our aim is to create a unique, exclusive garment featuring tailored elements and details entirely chosen by our client. Made to measure is made to fit each person individually. Genaio™ stylists advise in the selection of model, fit, materials, with numerous of style options and details by using an existing pattern that gives us the ability to create the perfect suit within 6 weeks. This method allows for “a one-of-a-kind” suit. Our unique captivating pattern exists since 2006 and is constantly maintained and perfected. Depending on posture, desires and trends, we offer a flattering fit of your suit or jacket, but also an overcoat or trouser.
Genaio™ partners in fabric are the best in the world. We offer more than 2500 fabric choices from the well known Italian mills like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Piacenza, Dormeuil, and many more. The end result of a Su Misura suit perfectly reflects the unmistakable taste in style and personality of those who choose to wear it.

Bespoke tailoring is the difference

Every part of your suit is expertly measured and cut to complement your attitude and ensure that your selected style presents the highest caliber when wearing your suit. Bespoke means that every stage of the process is precisely cut and made in precision. With bespoke craftsmanship, the craftsmanship goes a step further than just details.

The first appointment is an intake with a presentation followed by a measurement session. We take more than 35 body measurements from which we work. Once we have taken all measurements and various figurative details and photos at the original appointment, our pattern makers will prepare a unique paper pattern with all your body details.

Once your fabric is selected, we take the paper pattern and lay it out on the fabric (the lay). The pattern is chalked round and the fabric is cut by hand using traditional cutting scissors. Inlays are left to allow for any changes in the future, if customer weight fluctuates. Whenever changes are made to garments, whether finished or in the fitting phase, they are sent directly to atelier and matched on the paper pattern to keep your measurements up to date.

Genaio™ fabric selection in Loro Piana fabric
Ryan Rijger and Laura Ponticorvo - Eppel fotografie


On the first fitting day, we will go through your suit and make any changes, taking into account the customer's attitude. We call this suit a "shell suit". The garment may be completely disassembled, trimmed and sent back to the workshop for adjustments or in some cases directly finished for hand finishing.

A second pass uses the new pattern that refines the previous adjustments, giving the suit its exceptional fit and comfort. The suit is checked for breakage over the shoe, waist of pants, drape, neck point and cuffs and more. It is also possible that small adjustments still have to be made.

The final pattern will be used to create your suit in the chosen fabric and other chosen styling. The difference between a made to measure suit and a bespoke suit is that a bespoke service takes more time, sometimes more than 10 weeks, before the final product can be taken home with you. The made to measure is usually in the customer's cupboard within 5 weeks. A fully bespoke handmade suit certainly makes the difference.

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