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At Genaio we feel honored to help you shape your every desire to create the perfect fit for a momentous event. Tailored to you and your partner, we embellish your love story, ensuring every detail is imbued with significance.


Your experience starts in an ambiance of heartfelt warmth for one of the most beautiful days of your life. We look forward to getting acquainted and discover more about your preferences and wedding aspirations to craft the perfect outfit tailored to your desires.

measure & styling

As your sartorial journey continues, we explore every detail to create your perfect wedding outfit. We document your body measurements and offer a wide range of fabrics from world-renowned mills, including various tailoring methods, hand-stitched elements and buttons.

Fitting & pick up

After approximately 4 to 6 weeks, when your wedding suit has been delivered, we invite you for a follow-up visit. During this appointment, you and our master tailor will diligently review the final subtleties, ensuring your suit is impeccable for your big day.

Ryan weds Laura

A fairytale wedding

This fairytale wedding of influencer Laura Ponticorvo unfolded amidst the romantic allure of Italy. Each detail was crafted with love and precision, weaving together a truly magical experience.

Riefaad weds Senora

the Enchanting wedding

This lovely couple traveled all around the world to create a wedding of dreams. As our house also was honoured to be a part of their story, this enchantment unfolded at the heart of Surinam (S. America).

Kjell weds Francine

the sparkling groom

Kjell, the sparkling groom, always happy and willing to surprise his bride. Yes, he did. His excellent choice of a 3 piece suit finished with a pure silk cravat matched on the bridal dress made their wedding “sparkle”.

sophisticated elegance

our sartorial story

Various individuals lead different lifestyles, each with their own unique personal preferences and desires for both comfort and elegance. By addressing inquiries pertaining to your special day, such as venue, theme, and style, we endeavor to craft a wedding attire that seamlessly aligns with you and the ambiance of your momentous big day, fostering a refined harmony.

With our master tailor, you'll explore every aspect of crafting your garment, from fabric selection to design and options, elegant silhouettes, refined button details, lapels, and lining. Together, we bring your vision to life with the exquisite craftsmanship that defines Genaio.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find the most common inquiries regarding our wedding attire. If your specific question is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Get acquainted with our house

Discover the sartorial passion of Genaio. Schedule a private one-on-one appointment at your convenience and let our master tailor welcome and guide you through the Genaio experience.