Be visible, be incredible and wear the impossible. Genaio™️ showcases the best of luxury fashion handcrafted and man-made with love and care by worldwide artisans with Italian heritage of traditional craftsmanship. Genaio™️ was founded by Jay Genaio in 2015. His emporium entails bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear clothing for men, women and children. At Genaio™️ our aim is to offer stylish Italian craftsmanship with a sustainable principle and approach ingrained in our design DNA. We mostly produce clothes to exclusive order and maintain selected items on minimal stocks. We source the globe to find the best artisans and suppliers, working with the finest natural leathers, fabrics and materials. Doing our best while having the courage to admit that we are not perfect, we adopt a critical attitude towards high standards and sustainable work practices. Striving to make a difference – however small. Whenever and wherever we can.


Bespoke & Su Misura Italy – Portugal

Footwear Italy – Spain

Gloves Hungary

Prêt-à-Porter Italy – Portugal - The Netherlands

Leather & Fabrics Italy – Engeland – Switzerland

Silk Italy – India (handwoven)

Handcrafted Embroidery India

Gold The Netherlands

Diamonds India (Surat)

Design Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Genaio™ Italy

Genaio™ Italy presents timeless Italian style in garments, footwear and accessories for the most discerning customers. We offer a collection of pure luxury handmade overcoats, jackets, suits, shirts, footwear, gloves and accessories. Each piece is exclusively created according to the individual preferences and requirements of our clients who want to wear unique pieces.


Genaio Jeans™ represents a premium streetwear label that showcases the best of smart gentlemen’s casual wear, with signature prints, accessories and handmade footwear laying the foundation of the collection. All materials are of the best quality, ensuring a premium, high-quality finish. Our luxury streetwear brand is representative for durable designs and ultimate casual styling for gentlemen.

Production is limited to amp up exclusivity.


Your appearance is important to make a good impression. At Genaio™ we have set ourself the mission to go beyond the expected regarding appearance of men, women and children worldwide, by offering modern Italian handcrafted luxury fashion. We boost the look that helps you get the best out of your character.


Helping our clients to make them feel comfortable with a good looking appearance is what motivates us most. We care about your well-being and self-confidence. It is not about the brand you take, but it is about the story you make. We will continue to play our part to make you feel incredible.

Wear the impossible

Genaio™️ gives priority to the individual rather than the process. We are passionate about our clients look and characteristics. Seeking to understand our clients, listening to them, apprehending their traditions, and anticipating their needs is priority to innovate in essential. We push back our limits offering the possibility to order different sizes and colors on request to create products that fit perfectly and are truly surprising.

“Join the movement and wear the impossible on demand.”